Other treatment options

The PCIU does not only offer cochlear implants. Our team is trained to deliver treatment options for all varieties of hearing loss, from conventional hearing aids to other implantable hearing devices.

Mild to moderate sensorineural hearing loss

Hearing aids

Hearing aids are the most commonly used treatment option for many different hearing losses. Rapid development in the technological side of hearing aids have increased the number of successful fittings and satisfied hearing aid wearers. With the development of Bluetooth and Wireless technology, hearing aids are now able to communicate with other electronic devices we use daily. Sophisticated scene classifiers can analyse different sound environments and adapt according to each listening situation and according to your specific needs.

Despite the development in technology, the size and shape of hearing aids have evolved into smaller, modern and more stylish wearing options.

Choosing a hearing aid must most importantly be based on the degree and configuration of the hearing loss. Other important factors to consider is your personal hearing needs, lifestyle needs, cosmetic preferences and budget.

The PCIU is an independent clinical unit and supplies hearing aids from different hearing aid manufacturers.

Implantable hearing devices

In cases where conventional hearing aids cannot successfully treat a sensorineural hearing loss, a middle ear implant might be indicated.

Patients who suffer from the following conditions may be considered as potential candidates for middle ear implants:

  • Patients who suffer from chronic auditory canal allergies or inflammation
  • Auditory canal stenosis
  • Auditory canal exostosis
  • Medial canal fibrosis

The Vibrant Soundbridge, supplied by MedEL, is an example of a middle ear implant that is currently available in South Africa.

Please contact the PCIU for more detailed information on this treatments option.